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Boon Engineering’s primary products could  be categorized into two categories, which are "Auto Air Conditioner Components and Aluminum Alloy Works". Not only does the company manufactures parts for air conditioner assembly, but also specialized in producing Aluminum Alloy Works. Its product can be produced based on the customers' requirement very effectively. In terms of the Aluminum alloy work, the company mainly produces accessories for both car and motorcycle modifications.

Below is a list of the Auto Air Conditioner Parts that the major customers frequently order Boon Engineering to manufacture.

  • Brazing Assembly
  • Liquid pipe
  • Flange, tube connector, union, nut
  • Socket, jointing pipe, plate
  • Motorcycle Accessories

Following are some example picture for each product;


Automotive Parts


Automotive Parts


Motorcycle Modification Accessories


  • Accreditation
  • Certified ISO TS 16949:2009, IATF