"Striving Toward Developing Product Quality To Be The First Leading Supplier in The Thriving Vehicle Business"

Vision & Mission

To be the first leading automotive air-conditioning components manufacturer in Thailand.

Our vision will be achieved through implementing following commitment and organizational goals.
Q (Quality)
Produce high-quality products with the standard of customers’ requirement.

  • Selection of high quality raw material suppliers to meet demanded quality.
  • Development of suppliers’ ability through providing various recommendations.
  • Selection of personnel with capabilities appropriate to each operational point.
  • Selection of efficient and modernize machining and tooling that suitable to the operation.
  • Provide proper training to employees in proper time to understand working process.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of working in every process.

C (Cost)
Competitive Price

  • Reduction of waste in the process to be reduced hidden costs of the products.
  • Production parts quantity would be the same amount with customer’s ordered quantity to be reduced the cost of storage.
  • Continuous process improvement to reduce the time / step in the production.

D (Delivery)
Delivery on time as the customer’s specified schedule.

  • Continuous planning, monitoring and following-up in the manufacturing process.
  • Arrange minimum safety stock of all production parts to keep continuous production.

E (Environment) +S (Safety)
Safety of working environment

  • Control of organic contamination in all types of raw materials in the production process.
  • Improvement of environmental control to be least pollution and minimum toxicity.
  • Training and teaching employees to understand about the importance of protection environment.
  • Strictly control the use of safety equipment in the workplace.
  • Training employees to understand about safety at the workplace.
  • Reviewing safety of premises, machines and tooling are regarded as a first safety.

S (Service mind) 
Customer service

  • Customer service would be from the beginning until after the sale.


  • Accreditation
  • Certified ISO TS 16949:2009, IATF