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About Us

Boon Engineering Parts Co., Ltd was established since 1978 under the name of Boon Engineering Parts Co., Ltd. As company’s continuous development acquired more experiences, Japanese company, a major manufacturer of air conditioners, has become one of Boon Engineering's main customers since then.

The company has high skill and experience in processing and transferring several kinds of metals especially “Aluminum Alloy Works" according to customers' preferences and requirements. As the experience has been accumulated through the high skill workers and the company itself, the customers can be ensured that the company has the capability to serve customer's demanded quality effectively and efficiently.

In addition, the customer will be guaranteed and assured that all the products will be produced with the high and consistent quality by the use of high quality machines and high precision testing tools for the inspection, so that they could be assured that the company will provide them with the best thing in delivering best products and services that beyond their expectation since customer satisfaction is the core of operating in Boon Engineering.  


  • Accreditation
  • Certified ISO TS 16949:2009, IATF